Runnat 2011

Runnat 2011
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Runnat 2010

Runnat 2010

You are a great God

You are a great God

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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Ya Elohim

Lord, forgive me for this but I am very very clear on this one thing. And that is, Lord, you are the most important part of my life. You did what You had to do on the cross and that remained a fact. Your name remained glorified. Your existence in my life remained. You are a living God. Whether I am to now call you as Abba Father, My Lord, God, Elohim or whatever other names, instead of the banned word, nothing has and will change my focus on the cross in my daily life. This I am very clear.

I am also clear that though it is not important for me on how I call You, IT IS for my brothers and sisters in East Malaysia. For they have known you by that particular name for years. So Lord, help me to withstand all forms of persecution that may come about as a result of me standing up for the brethens that worship you in Bahasa.

You are sovereign, my Lord, in this land, across the nation, nations, the world over, in heavens and under the earth. Amen.

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