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Runnat 2011
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Runnat 2010

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You are a great God

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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

People with no heads

I am utterly amused and lost for words too reading so often in the printed media that this VIP and that VIP, so and so VIP, expressed shock over this incident and that incident. And this VIP and that VIP advises people to do this and to do that or not to do this or not to do that. COME ON. Why do we need all these VIPs to think for us. As if we have no heads, no brains, no minds, no freewill, no senses. We don't need people to think for us when certain accidents or incidents have happened and needing corrective actions to be taken. We don't need people to highlight to us that it is dangerous to do this or that and to advise what needs to be done instead.

It is funny, it is utterly funny. It is also sounds so childish. Embarassing, period.

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