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Runnat 2010

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Wednesday, 20 January 2010

The short-circuited sanity of an old man

The old man is close to 90 (or is he past 90?) and each time he speaks (unfortunately he still speaks!), people tremble and everyone just had to hold on to whatever (chairs, polls, or whatever) until he finishes his sentence. Why? It's the substance (or absence of it) and the sanity (or the absence of it) of the matter that he speaks about that throws people off (balance).

Yesterday, he suggested that 9/11 was staged by some parties as an excuse to mount attacks against the muslim (world). What a statement! What a conspiracy theory! But theory aside, where did that old man derive this idea to speak in this manner and so openly/daringly? (watching a 3-hour video he said, what????!!!) And that aside too, why does he bother to speak up on this subject now that he's just an ordinary citizen? And Avatar-9/11 - what????

What an embarassment to the nation and to the power-at-large that is not able to moderate his voices.

I wished that he could just keep quiet (forever). I am embarassed.

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