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Runnat 2010

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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Recycling - it's not a bad word

I have finally found a centre where I can send all the old stuff that have been collected over the months for recycling. I am all for reuse and recyling and what more if these are to raise funds for charity. I have been collecting a bag of household batteries, but not sure where to send to. Finally, I found, through the faithful world wide web, a place in Puchong.

CRC (Ren Ren) stands for Community Recycle for Charity. It is a registered non-profit, government-approved organization, founded in 2008 with the aim to serve communities by helping those who are in need regardless of race or religion. CRC is dedicated to create tools and services to make charitable giving part of our everyday lives. CRC exists to play a proactive role to serve the needy in our communities by means of environmental friendly practices of "RECYCLING".

Profile of CRC and their contact details are all available in their website.
And no, recycling is not a bad word at all. It basically means "to help nature in order to help ourselves". :) So, commit yourself to recycling and in the course of that, to help the poor and needy.

The founders of this recycling centre are indeed doing a really good job. May God bless them and their work.

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